Welcome by KorrSens GmbH

The company KorrSens develops electronic devices on demand and produces the devices in small number of pieces.

Our focus is the prevention of corrosion and therefore, the safety of the use and application of constructions, which are built with conductive materials.

We are dedicated to prevent corrosion from the beginning by detecting failures in the protection system.

We developed the CAMIP- and the TREMA- device for the aviation industry, but these devices are also useful for automobile industry and other industries, which build lightweight constructions.

The CAMIP- and the TREMA- device are useful for non-destructive surface quality tests. Both devices are for quantitative measurement. And both devices are for forecasting the probability of galvanic corrosion.
CAMIP and TREMA provide a new method for determining galvanic corrosion risk between CFRP-components and aluminium surfaces in lightweight constructions.

The CAMIP device detects failures in coated CFRP surfaces like pores, pinholes, scratches and not visually flaws with a size of > 200 µm. Whereas the TREMA device determines the total resistance of the coating at a certain area and shows the measured value in the display.

The development of the CAMIP was originally intended for the proof of the insulating properties of edges of CFRP parts. Therefore, a roller-sensor for quick detection of failures was developed.

The CAMIP- as well as the TREMA-device can also be used for coating quality measurements not only on CFRP, but on metals as well.